About Me and My Allergies


Hi, my name is Katrina. I am 9-years old. I live in Utah.  I have many hobbies, I like horses and reading. There are many other things I like to do as well like, art, riding my bike, and spending time with my family. I am a homebody, unless it involves horses – they I will gladly leave home.

I also have deadly food allergies, they are my poison. My allergies are peanuts and tree nuts: like cashews, almonds, walnuts and pecans. I also have severe environmental allergies.    Although the environmental allergies will not kill me like my food allergies, they do make me very miserable. My environmental allergies are: dogs, cats and especially horses, yes, the animal I love. I have had my allergies since I was one years old.

Life has been hard for me in many ways.  I have not been able to be a normal kid or have a normal childhood or even do normal everyday things. It stinks.  I also haven’t had anyone that I have felt has really understood my circumstance, my feelings, my life experience and my thoughts.

But hope is on the horizon for the first time in my life.

Why Did I Start This Blog?

First, my parents told me to.  Why? Because just a short 8-weeks ago, I started a life-changing food allergy treatment called OIT. It stands for Oral Immunotherapy Treatment.  In the 8-weeks that I have started this program, I have hope filling my thoughts, life, emotions and circumstances. My parents have noticed that my personality is changing and they thought me sharing my thoughts and experiences with you would help me more.

And, since I have felt all alone in my journey through life, I also thought I could help others in a similar circumstance.