My favorite ways to eat the peanuts and peanut flour

I wanted to share some ideas from someone who DOES NOT LIKE the taste of the peanuts to help others find creative ways of taking their peanut doses.  I really do dislike the way peanuts taste.  My siblings love it, but I can’t stand it and so I had to find creative ways to take them that would not make me gag.

I have met other kids in the program that also dislike the taste just as much as I do and so I thought it would be helpful to share what we did to help me get through the different stages of my treatment.  If you are one of the rare ones that like the taste of peanuts, then this may not be as big of a deal, but you will probably really enjoy these ideas anyway!

Ideas for taking the Peanut Powder:

PB &J– is peanut flour mixed in jam and then spread on a piece of bread. It was fine but it gets boring after a while.

Ice cream –  (never Oreo mint or any mint flavors – YUCK!) waffle cone, chocolate and strawberry where all very yummy for putting the powder in. You can put chocolate chips in the ice cream too, which helps mask the flavor even more.

Applesauce – is fine, but not very good.  I really did not like to take it this way, even though this was the most recommended from the nurses.  We only did this a couple of times when we were in a bind/hurry.

Yogurt – You could try yogurt as this was another top recommendation, but I have never tried it. I personally don’t think it would taste good as that sounds like a terrible combination. So I did not try it.

In the end, mixing the powder with ice cream was the best at this stage of the treatment. 

Ideas for taking Peanuts: (I prefer the unsalted peanuts that are lighter in color after being shelled, I know, I am picky, but there is a big difference in taste between light and dark and salted and unsalted)

Chocolate – Good with chocolate, yummy when peanuts are in clusters with chocolate. My mom would actually make me peanut clusters.  It was really easy. We pretty much started doing this from the first week I had a whole peanut.  Basically, we just melted safe chocolate chips and then my mom would lay out the doses of peanuts on wax paper.  So if it was 1 peanut per dose, she would make 14 piles of one peanut (14 doses per week when you are taking them 2 times per day). Then she would melt the chocolate chips in a glass bowl and just pour a little over each dose.

We did this each week with the peanuts and chocolate increasing.  We stored them in a plastic container in the fridge and it made it very easy and convenient!

Popcorn – is not very tasty but you can try it if you want. My mom thought this would be a great way to eat it, but I really didn’t care for it. However, you may like it, especially with some chocolate drizzles.

Plain M&M’s – if you can’t have the peanut M&M’s. I can’t have the peanut M&M’s because they are made around Almonds, another one of my allergens.  But the original M&M’s now just say “may contain peanuts.” We read online somewhere that the chocolate that is used for the M&M’s is first used to coat the peanut M&M’s and then they use the leftover chocolate to create the original M&M’s, so there is a good chance they do contain peanuts.  But once you get to the point where you can have products that say “may contain peanuts” you can use these.  My doctor let me eat things that said “made around peanuts” or “made in the same facility as peanuts” after I finished my 4 peanuts twice daily week.  BUT… he said I could not eat anything that said “may contain peanuts” until after the treatment. So since my peanut graduation, I have been using regular M&M’s.  This has been my FAVORITE way to take them so a great maintenance dose solution!

Ideas for taking Peanut Butter:

Let me talk about Peanut Butter for a minute.  My initial thoughts: worst thing in the world, never try it! 

Seriously, that’s how I feel and will avoid it at all costs. However, once I got to the point in my treatment where I could use peanut butter, we did give it a try. BAD IDEA!

My family got very frustrated as I had a teaspoon of peanut butter as my dose and it took me 30 minutes to eat it. I had apples, oats and chocolate chips, but it was all a very painful process.  I did not like it.  The taste and the consistency was just terrible. I much prefer the whole peanuts.

However, you may find that you like it! I wanted to note from my own experience and from talking with other kids in the program, if you used a peanut butter alternatives like Sunbutter, Wowbutter or something similar and you actually enjoyed it, you will most likely enjoy peanut butter. If you did not like the alternatives, it has almost been a one for one and you probably then will not like real peanut butter.

We did try the flavored peanut butters like the dark chocolate peanut butter – YUCK.  Too sweet and too peanut buttery at the same time.

Finally, one of the only ways I could take peanut butter was with bananas.  I didn’t terribly mind dipping the banana in my peanut butter. However, the whole peanuts with chocolate or M&M’s was my preferred way!

For those reading this that have gone through the program, what were your favorite ways to take your doses? 

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