My OIT Consultation

I met with Dr. Jones in May of 2014.  It was my consultation.  I still hadn’t decided if I wanted to do this.  We met Dr. Jones and he tried to shake my hand, but I didn’t shake anybody’s hand.  My mom said it would be fine to shake his hand as he is probably safer than anyone.  But I still didn’t and he said, “That’s ok, she will shake my hand soon.”

Then we talked about the OIT treatment to the doctor. We asked tons of questions.

The more I heard about it, the more I listened about it, the more comfortable I got about it.  My parents asked tons of questions.  I was too shy to ask any, but the questions they asked helped me to feel more comfortable.

The waiting room was different than I thought.

I got a skin allergy test for environmental allergies.  The skin allergy test is very uncomfortable. It’s so itchy and I hate when I have to do them.   The doctor said he had to do the skin allergy test for environmental allergies so that he could see if there were any other allergies that we needed to get under control before I started the OIT treatment for peanuts.

That test results were really disappointing and almost caused me to not want to continue.  I knew that I had extreme dog and cat allergies from previous tests, but what I didn’t know was that the worst environmental allergy I have is to horses.   I had never been tested for them before and they were my highest environmental allergen.  The doctor came back in and said I would need to do my best to avoid these top environmental allergens during my treatment.

I looked at my mom after he left and said that if I have to stay away from horses for a year, I don’t know if I want to do this.  But she said, “Katrina, you only have to avoid them for a year, then after that, your life opens up!” And then the doctor also told me that after my food allergies were cured, he could help me with my horse allergies too.

Next was an asthma test. I have to do this every week I go in for escalation.  I really don’t like this test. Very annoying. I have to blow as hard as I can into this tube and keep blowing for several seconds. It nearly takes my breath away until I have no more air in my body. I have to do it three times in a row to make sure that my asthma is under control before my escalation and during my consultation to make sure I would be able to do this without asthma complications.  So far, every time, I have passed the asthma test with no problems. Not all kids have to do this, just ones with asthma issues.

And then to end the consultation, I got my blood drawn.  It didn’t hurt. It felt like you were getting a small pinch.  It was really the easiest part of the appointment. The blood draw was to find out the exact levels of my peanut allergy and the tree nut allergies too.

After my consultation and Dr. Jones said I would be “good to go” I still needed a bit more time to make up my mind (a few weeks).

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