What Being Cured From Peanut and Tree Nut Allergies Means To Me


Did you hear that there is hope for a second chance at a full life for those of us that suffer from deadly food allergies.  It is called OIT – Oral Immunotherapy Treatment.

I didn’t use to have hope. Then when I first heard about OIT, I had an eency weency bit of hope.  Then when I started, I had a little more and the further I got into my treatment, I had more and more hope. And now I have lots of hope.

What does this new hopeful freedom means to me

It means a lot.

It means traveling to places without worries – like the world.

It means going to more restaurants.

It means going to stores without checking everything – literally.

It means not having to worry every time I am at somebody else’s house.

It means not having to miss out on anything.

It means FREEDOM!

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