What is Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) or Oral Desensitization?

Hi There, this is Katrina’s mom.  I am writing this blog post instead of Katrina dictating to me.  We thought it was important to explain what Oral Immunotherapy, a.k.a OIT is.  It is also known as Oral Desensitization.

In a nutshell, OIT is a method of curing food allergy patients by basically allowing their bodies to become immune to whatever food they are allergic to by feeding them very small, calculated micrograms of the food their are allergic to.

You may be thinking two things: 1. That makes sense, 2. That sounds scary and risky.

Well, these are the two things my husband and I have thought – that it makes sense, but it is just too scary to even consider. That was until recently.

You see, Katrina’s father and I have been watching the world of OIT for many years.  However, it wasn’t something that we ever really thought could be possible for the anaphylictic super allergic food allergies, like peanuts.  Although we had heard about this many years ago, it just never seemed like a reality – I mean being cured from peanut allergies would be a true miracle! 

The world of OIT has changed, in our outlook and observation.  It was in a testing mode for a long period.  Even 2 years ago, we visited an alternative medicine practioner who claimed to be able to cure peanut allergies.  But the process did not seem safe, risky, accurate and perhaps not effective.

We walked out saying “no way” and never looked back.

But the medical field and some very caring doctors have been studying this for quite some time and studied under close research and development. This is a rare, but becoming increasingly popular treatment everyday under the guidance and aid of a medical doctor.  But it is not mainstream and only a few doctors practice this sort of treatment.

Again, the practice and idea itself has been around a long while, but the fact that it has hit mainstream allergy doctors who use a tried, effective, precise and calculated treatment plan is rare and hard to find.

How does OIT work exactly?

I wanted to share the information from the website of one of these rare mainstream medical doctors that practices OIT Treatment.

“We are one of the rare practices in the country that offers a breakthrough treatment program for people with food allergies.  This treatment provides a long-term solution for milk, egg, peanut, and wheat allergic patients.  It usually takes less than six months, and at the end of the program, most patients are able to consume the foods that once threatened their health with no allergic reaction. The treatment works by introducing minute doses of wheat, peanut, egg or milk in solution form for about 6 months, the time varying according to individual differences. The program progresses to small doses of the whole food for a number of months, allowing the patient to eat these foods. The treatment allows the vast majority of patients to overcome their wheat, milk, egg and peanut allergies.”

Basically, the patient is becoming desensitized to the food allergen with small, calculated doses of the food twice daily.  This concept has been around for a very long time, it’s similar to allergy shots, only quicker when dealing with foods.

Here’s an article talking about the experience and testimony of an adult that went through OIT for peanut allergies.

One good and simplified explanation is actually from Princess Bride.  When we went to the first informational seminar about OIT, this video was played because it is a very good description of what OIT does.  Food is the poison for these food allergy patients. Minute 4:57 – 5:08 is a simple 10-second explanation!

Well, we found one of these rare doctor’s doing this treatment! And it is literally at our back door!

There are currently just a handful of allergy practitioner’s that are conducting OIT treatments in different parts of the United States. But it is becoming increasingly popular and we think that very soon, this miracle treatment will be hitting mainstream and close to many nationwide.  But if you can’t wait for a doctor to come to your area, you wouldn’t be alone.

This is such an incredible opportunity for so many in the world, that there are people moving here for 6 months from all over the world to be treated.  So that is an option too. 🙂

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